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Our philosophy at Smith and Primmer is based around the love for creating homes and buildings that are of high quality, whilst also passing on the skill to build to the next generation. Additionally, when we complete heritage work we focus heavily on respecting the spirit of place, tradition and working around the fabric that is already there to bring an old building into a modern time by incorporating adaptive reuse.



Smith and Primmer were established in 1987, and the buildings we have produced have won a number of awards. We are known and renowned for our experience, our project management capabilities and our ability to understand the complex construction and design process, whilst also maintaining and creating a product that is of high quality. We work closely with architects who derive the beauty in their designs from not only the brief, but also from their philosophy and a strong response to the surrounding landscape. 



Our clientele comes from areas such as Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne, whilst our buildings are based around the South Coast of NSW. We have worked with a number of private residential clients, whilst also having worked with larger corporations, Government organisations and commercial entities.

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