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Permanent Camp 2

Permanent Camp 2 being a follow on from Casey Brown's Permanent Camp 1. The original craftsman and architects behind PC1 came back together but this time invited new players Smith and Primmer to bring to life an updated permanent camping situation.

Whilst drawing on the original principles of including 'everything you need, and nothing you don't', this version took it to a new level of detail, inclusion and construction craftsmanship. As previously PC2 was constructed in four parts utilising a temporary workshop on the property in Berry.

The 3m x 3m structure all in recycled iron bark from disused wharf sits atop rising hill and overlooks the Pacific Ocean . Inclusive of three manual winches that are used to lift and lower the sides creating protected decks and shelter from the sun. Water is collected on the roof of the copper tower and gravity fed to the tank above the bathroom and on to the shower and kitchen. Warmth is produced by the pot belly wood fired stove and solar panels on the roof provide power for lighting. There is permanent access to the roof which also doubles as a lightning conductor.

All these aspects contribute to the efforts of creating a space that encourages the minimal footprint two people can co-exist without compromising their quality of life.

This job was acknowledged internally as an extraordinary build, master craftsmanship and design.

Photographed by Andrew Loiteron

2022, Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies International Architecture Award 

2022, INDE Honorable Mention

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